About College of Acupuncturists of Alberta CCP Registration Renewal Requirements

Alberta acupuncturists are required to earn a total of 15 Continuing Competency Program (CCP) credits annually within the CCP cycle, which runs from April 1st to March 31st.

  • Participation in the CCP is mandatory.
  • The CPP is a requirement for annual registration renewal.
  • CCP documentation must be submitted online via the Member Portal.
  • Their practice permit may be suspended for the upcoming registration year if CCP requirements on not completed and submitted by March 31.
  • Courses are to be self-selected and can be any of these categories:
  • Competency 1: Interpersonal Skills

    Patient communication
    Therapeutic relationships
    Professional boundaries
    Communication in acupuncture

    Competency 2: Professionalism
    Informed consent
    Patient privacy and confidentiality
    Understanding acupuncture legislation and regulation

    Competency 3: Practice Management
    Clinical record keeping for acupuncturists
    Proper charting
    Practice management

    Competency 4: Acupuncture Foundations
    Five elements
    Chinese medical classics
    TCM constitution
    Qi gong
    Gua sha
    Advanced channel theory

    Competency 5: Fundamentals of Biomedicine
    Red flags in acupuncture practice
    Acupuncture anatomy
    Commonly prescribed and over-the-counter medications
    Fundamentals of biomedicine related to a specific category of dysfunctions/diseases (eg: allergies, musculo-skeletal conditions, infertility, etc.)

    Competency 6: Acupuncture Diagnostics and Treatment
    Specialized acupuncture style (eg: Master Tung, Japanese acupuncture, Five Element)
    Acupuncture treatment for a specific category of dysfunctions/diseases (eg: lower back pain, anxiety, gynecological conditions, etc.)
    Pulse diagnosis
    Tongue diagnosis

    Competency 7: Acupuncture Techniques
    Moxibustion techniques
    Cupping techniques
    Tui na techniques
    Electro-acupuncture techniques
    Blood-letting techniques

    Competency 8: Safety
    Adverse event management
    Infection prevention and control
    Safety in acupuncture practice

    It's important to note that while First Aid, CPR, and sexual assault awareness training are mandatory for practitioners, these do not count towards the CCP credit requirements. 

    All courses of ACEU Masters are qualified for College of Acupuncturists of Alberta Continuing Competency Program (CCP) credits. Each of our CCP courses come with a certificate of completion which can be uploaded into the Member Portal to fulfill requirements.

    For a full list of approved courses, see here.