Collection: Texas Continuing Education for Acupuncturists (CAE)

Below are details about acupuncture continuing education and license renewal in Texas.

Texas Continuing Education Requirements: 34 CAE hours are required every two-year renewal cycle. At least 8 hours shall be in General Acupuncture, 2 hours in Ethics and/or Safety, 6 hours in Herbology, 4 hours in Biomedicine, and no more than 4 hours in Business Practices.

Texas accepts 16 hours in approved NCCAOM online continuing education courses. 18 hours must be approved for credit directly by the Texas State Board of Acupuncture Examiners. Licensee must attest completion on state board forms and are subject to audit. 

ACEU Masters has Texas Approved CAE Continuing Education courses as well as NCCAOM approved courses for Texas licensure.